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Textured Shag


Style the hair before you cut it to achieve instant gratification as the layers fall into place. Cut hair dry with CUT by Daniel Roldan to achieve this disconnected shag.

Directionally blow-dry the hair on the crown toward the front of the head. Style hair into the desired shape using a flat iron.

Using a dry-cutting scissor, create an internal disconnection by pulling a section from below a deep side part and cutting at a 90-degree angle. Clean up the line with a trimmer to soften up the weight of the disconnection. Repeat on the other side.

Create a rectangle section on the top of the head. Take a step to the right and start cutting a diagonal section, pulling hair straight up and cutting with a 6.5-inch scissors. Once you’ve cut the first section, blend the line by deep point cutting. Work toward the front.

Go back to center and take a step to the left. Cut on the opposite diagonal using the same method.

To cut the back, face your client and start on your right side. Taking a section from the back, cut diagonally to the left with your 6.5-inch scissors.

Surface plane from mid-lengths to the ends to connect the lines.

To cut the perimeter, turn the client’s head to the left and cut left to center. Then, turn the client’s head to the right and cut right to center, shaping as desired.

Bring client’s head to center and balance out the bottom. Use your thinning shears to add texture and movement as desired.

Hair Color Formula // Hummingbird Blue

Natural Level: 4

Formula A:
Base: Hi-Impact Brunette VA + 20 VOL
Color Graphics Lacquers: Blue, Teal, Yellow

Apply Formula A to scalp area and diffuse out.

Starting in Section 1 (in the nape area) using a Balayage board, load Yellow, Blue, and Teal. Place thin diagonal slice on loaded board and use second Balayage board to move the color down the section.

Continue through Section 1 with this combination.

Apply blue to Section 2.

Working from the back of Section 3, alternate between blue and teal.

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