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Tousled Bob Haircut Tutorial by Daniel Roldan


Effortless waves melt into a structured fringe, creating a shape that styles itself! The key to starting this haircut is even, balanced, clean sections and scissors from CUT by Daniel Roldan.

1. Pull hair straight out and cut vertical at a 90-degree angle to create a guide. Then, have the client tilt their head forward and take a section to the left of the guide and over direct to the guide.

Tip: When cutting hair, we’re taught to rest the comb in the hand, but why not use it as a tool to keep your cutting at the perfect angle.

2. Cut the “design line” along the bottom of the nape with a 6.5-inch scissor to shape the perimeter.

3. Blow-dry the nape area and the two sections on the sides of the head with a round brush to give texture.

4. Using the dry cutting scissors, pull hair out at a 90-degree angle and dry cut the shape in.

5. Release the top, blow-dry and, with a wide tooth comb to create vertical sections, dry cut the top with a twisting technique.

6. Pull a vertical section straight up at the crown to check balance. Adjust as necessary.

7. To cut the fringe, use a dry cut scissor and cut at the bridge of the nose. Bring in the sides to maintain length and blend each side.

8. Style with a wide-tooth comb and a flat iron. Take sections with the wide-tooth comb and flat iron to reduce volume and add a flip at the ends.

Hair Color Formula // Warm Peach Melt

Natural Level: 6

Lightner Formula: Light Master + 30 VOLUME

A: Scalp to mid-lengths – Color Sync Coral Peach + Quartz Pink + 10 Vol. Developer
B: Mid-lengths to ends –Color Sync Coral Peach + 10 Vol. Developer

Apply formula A from scalp to mid-lengths and diffuse into Formula B from mid-lengths to ends.

Balayage taking V-sections throughout the hair where there is natural movement you want to accentuate.

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