CUT – Pro Series Scissors

CUT Features and Benefits


“It’s so important to have quality scissors when you’re doing clientele. You could do just about anything if you have good scissors,” Daniel Roldan said.

Learn more about our CUT Professional Series Scissors from Daniel Roldan.

Dry Cut Scissor

This scissor has two convex blades to keep hair from sliding through. It takes dry hair off with the first pass—and without any damage.

“The weight is amazing. It has perfect balance so when you’re texturizing, you know you’re taking out some hair and putting texture in, giving maximum volume.”

With all our scissors, you can increase or decrease tension as needed with your adjusting tool.

6.5-inch Scissors

This multi-purpose scissor gives the freedom to deep point cut, shallow point cut and channel cut. You can even cut the perimeter precisely and cleanly!

“The pointed blade chips away and refines your line.”

Offset handles lock in your hand for all the control you need.

5.5-inch Scissors

This is the go-to scissor in the industry. “Most hairdressers go with a 5.5. They’re built comfortably, they’re not too long and they fit in your hand nicely.”

Texturizing Scissors

“You have to have one of these in your arsenal.”

This scissor softens up lines of demarcation and is designed to refine and give extra polish to your haircut.

Experience control, freedom and maximum texture, movement and volume with CUT Professional Series Scissors by Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co.

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