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Daniel @ NYFW: Yeezy Season 3 and Hood by Air


Daniel Roldan at Yeezy Season 3
Daniel Roldan at Yeezy Season 3
The clothing at New York Fashion Week was amazing—images and silhouettes inspire me. It’s also amazing how much the tone of color you pick can be emotional and give you such responses.

The biggest thing I took away was minimalism. When it comes to my hairstyles, I want to keep them minimal.


We styled 1,200 extras in a 3-hour span. It was an assembly line, one person per minute. I did walk past the Kardashians and Kanye was right in front of us. I was like “excuse me, excuse me, I gotta get outta here!”

The Hair and Makeup Team for Yeezy Season 3

The show brought together 20,000 people—probably one of the largest turnouts for a show that anyone’s put on. We walked through the whole stadium at Madison Square Garden and saw them building the set. We also saw all the extras coming in.

They were supposed to act and look like refugees. Makeup was minimal and they were styled in colors reminiscent of refugee camps. They were very detailed about wardrobe. For example, people only wear certain colors of shoes in some refugee camps so they could only wear certain colors of shoes in the show.

Hair was natural and peasant-like. Blonde and red hair had to be wrapped, since people in refugee camps wouldn’t be apt to color their hair.

It was very impressive and intense. Adidas did an amazing job.

How I got to do the show was because I met a woman who was doing the Yeezus concert for Kanye West. I randomly met her in a coffee shop. We started talking and she asked me to do hair at the concert. After the lead hairdresser got sick that night, I stood in as lead hairdresser.

Four days before the fashion show, she called me and said she was heading to New York to do the Kanye show and asked me if I could lead the hair team for the extras.

I gotta tell you, the highlight of the show was standing on the floor with our huge team of hairdressers and makeup artists. After doing the 1,200 extras, they told us we could sit on the 3rd level to get a good view. I said I’d rather be on the floor and a huge crowd followed us down there.

I want to thank the entire team, including Guido Palau, who made the hair for this show possible.


The silhouettes from Hood by Air were crazy. They were taking a pilgrim silhouette– something old– and making it new. It was a great work of art. There was one kid who never left the runway. He ran up and down the whole time.

The clothing was amazing. Anna Wintour was there, so I got a picture of her.

Anna Wintour at Hood by Air

After the show, the street paparazzi followed us for a good block and a half. I’ve been trying to find a photo online from that.

Daniel Roldan at New York Fashion Week

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