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San Francisco


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The Inspiration… San Francisco
One of the benefits of traveling is that you’re always experiencing new sites and sensations, which can be very inspirational. As a photographer, I capture these scenes and moments; but as a hairstylist, I strive to create looks that show my inspirations that can transcend beyond a photograph. For me, hair and photography go hand-in-hand as forms of expression that complement each other, telling stories about my travels. When I’m out and about, I’m always looking for different shapes, colors and infrastructures that serve as inspirations which are then reflected in my work.

The Looks (A-C)… Hipster Chic
People say that San Francisco is the laid-back version of New York City, and I definitely saw the resemblances when I traveled there recently. Instead of multiple blocks of skyscrapers towering over the streets, San Francisco has its own subtler (and sunnier) metropolitan vibes compared to its concrete jungle counterpart. Inspired by this concept, I created looks that incorporates elements of both cities. The sleek, edgy lines on the sides resemble the structure of blocks and buildings while the soft, blonde waves on top resemble the movement of the rolling clouds and work to contrast the overall look to create a dynamic feel – just like New York and San Francisco. 

To create the look above (my personal favorite) – apply Matrix Style Link Smooth Setter on both sides and comb through for sleekness, and use Style Link Height Riser on top to elevate hair and volume. Pick a couple strands of hair and pinch with Style Link Shape Switcher molding paste to create that slightly messy, tousled feel. Finish with Style Link Style Fixer.

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