STITCH by Daniel Roldan weaves the hair to create intricate, rich patterns of texture and dimension in an impressive amount of time. 

“STITCH is so easy to use,” he said. “You can lock the hair in the shape created, but you’re not limited to just that. You can also use STITCH to thread in different types of material from cord, lace or leather to transform a basic look into a more elegant or edgy style.” 

The tool creates detailed looks in less than 30 minutes, which means you can complete updos in half the time and see more clients at your salon. 

Frizz-free plaits are easy with the silicone eye loop, which doesn’t grab additional hair as you pull STITCH through the strands. You can also use the tool again and again, since the “no memory” silicone prevents kinks that could weaken the loop. 

Durability is key. STITCH is made of a hand-polished stainless steel that’s weighty enough for you to fashion complex styles, but lightweight enough that it’s not cumbersome. Feel confident pulling through tight braids and gliding over delicate styles. 

The tip of the needle is bent, allowing you to do a multitude of actions. You can: (1) adjust the pattern; (2) divide the hair; (3) use for leverage by grasping it with your thumb when sliding the needle through; and (4) point into the hair when stitching to cleanly glide into your next stitch.

Perfect your craft with Elizabethan-style plaits, edgy punk looks and classy bridal styles. STITCH by Daniel Roldan can take your looks to the next level.

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