Freshly Sewn Looks from Our STITCH Community!


STITCH is used by leading artists in the hair industry. Their work illustrates the endless possibilities you can achieve with STITCH. Take a look at our favorite styles below:

Hair by Derek-Peter Williams on Instagram:

Hair by Derek-Peter Williams

Hair by @dimitry25 on Instagram:

Hair by @dimitry25

Hair by Erin Hundley, Owner of Red Door Beauty Studio LLC (rdbeautystudio), and Amanda Epstein on Instagram:

Hair by Red Door Beauty Studio LLC

STITCH by Red Door Beauty Studio LLC

Hair by Dean Banowetz (@dbano) on Instagram:

STITCH by Dean Banowetz

Hair by Dean Benowetz

Hair by Matthew Tyldesley on Instagram:

Hair by Matthew Tyldesley

Hair by Emporio Studio on Facebook:

Hair by Emporio Studio

Photo by Kimberly Mills on Instagram:

Hair by Kimberly Mills

Photo by miss.scarlett on Instagram:

Photo by Heather Olson

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