How to Use Braids with STITCH


You see all kinds of braids these days. Whether you want results that look messy, edgy or romantic; types like fishtail, waterfall and French; or styles like crown, S pattern and headband, STITCH can take these braids to the next level.

Braiding Techniques with STITCH

When braiding, keep in mind you’ll want a tension that’s firm but not tight; a too-tight braid won’t allow you to pull the tool through effectively. The beauty about STITCH is that you can always go back. If a strand comes loose, pull it back into the style with STITCH. Here are a few ways to use your STITCH with braids.

Through the Braid
This is used mainly to anchor your material or hair. Once you STITCH through the braid, the hair is locked in place.

Under the Braid
This is used if you still want some flexibility. If you’re working with material and need to adjust it to create a certain style, slide the STITCH under the braid. When you STITCH under the entire braid, it’s a more solid chunk of hair that withstands movement without disruption.

Looping Around
Loop material or hair multiple times around a single braid all the way down the head.

On the Surface
Instead of STITCHing under or through a braid, try skimming the surface. STITCHing only on the top surface of a braid creates a unique space between the material and the head—almost like a roof. Keep in mind that the material you use has to be smooth and able to glide through easily.

Styles with STITCH and Braids
These styles highlight the above techniques and demonstrate how to combine materials with hair.

STITCH Look with Braids

Wrapping Material Around STITCH
STITCHing Under Braid with Wrapped Ponytail

STITCH Tails Using Synthetic Hair

Pulling STITCH Through the Braid
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