STITCH – Endless Possibilities


Get started with the STITCH with these quick tips — let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Start at the bottom—where the hair is pulled tightest—when you start stitching and work your way up. It’s much easier and more efficient. If you start at the top, the style and STITCH wants to slide down. 

Use the tip of STITCH  to pull stitched hair pieces up or down and adjust the look for the model or client. The tip has that unique bend to the front that is multipurpose. You can adjust, section and weave. 

I love doing braids with STITCH because it’s a good anchor. If you know you’ll be stitching though a braid, make sure to braid a little looser than normal. This way, it allows you to slide STITCH through the braid with ease. If you’re using fabric, the thicker the fabric the looser the braid needs to be. 

Textured hair (microcrimped hair) is easier to work with because it sticks together as you’re creating sections to stitch. 

Before you pick up a section to slide STITCH through, work the needle up and down to create a clean passage or channel to slide the needle through. 

Use STITCH in place of bobby pins to hold a style or tuck ends in place. 

Create chic updos, intricate details, unique styles and elegant simplicity with STITCH. The possibilities are endless. 

Get yours today!

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