Tips and Tricks with STITCH by Daniel Roldan


When creating a STITCH look, there are a few techniques that will make your hair sewing faster and more efficient. Watch and learn from Daniel Roldan on how to best utilize the features and benefits of this tool.

How to Use the Needle

The STITCH is 7 inches in length, like your standard comb. The needle is purposely bent in the front so you can easily turn it in the hair instead of lifting it up and through to create your weave, which may create disruption in the style.

After weaving the STITCH through the hair in your desired pattern, use two hands on each side of the needle to move it up and down, cleaning the passage so there’s no disruption when you pull the hair through.

How to Make Your First STITCH

Group the hair in one bundle and thread through the needle, being careful not to leave any hair behind. If you leave any hair out, you will have to go back and STITCH that through.

It’s important to hold the tail of your section as you pull through the STITCH design. If you pull through without holding the tail, the hair gives a little bit, so pulling the hair back allows for a seamless STITCH.

Create a ponytail or clip the bottom of the hair when STITCHing to create the base.

Working with Hair and Fabric

Use STITCH on straight, wavy or curly hair. If you want more dimension, prep the hair by micro crimping or curling it.

Mind your tension when creating your base. If you’re using a fabric that has texture, make sure the hair is smooth. If the hair is textured, use a smoother fabric to eliminate pulling.

Smooth fabrics like leather, plastic, thin rope and elastic are more versatile. Elastic bands are perfect for tension. If you want to create a certain shape, stretch the elastic and tie it to a braid to get different dimension. If you want more volume or separation in certain areas, adjust hair by pulling pieces surrounding the elastic.

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