Watch Again: Tips and Tricks from Daniel Roldan’s STITCH Demo with SalonCentric


With any discipline, you must know the fundamentals in order to master the craft. These are the tip and tricks from Daniel Roldan’s SalonCentric Facebook Live STITCH Tool Demonstration to help you master the art of STITCH styling.

Create a strong base with a crimping or curling iron to add dimension, volume and a strong foundation. This is what you will work off of to create your STITCH style.

One of the benefits of the STITCH is that you don’t need any bobby pins!

Create a ponytail using just a piece of hair. Gather hair into a ponytail, take out a small slice of hair at the nape, wrap around the ponytail to mimic an elastic, insert the STITCH into the middle of the wrapped hair, feed the tail through the STITCH loop and pull through to complete the style.

The STITCH is designed with a bent tip so you can weave and turn throughout the hair without disturbing or obstructing the style.

STITCH your way to perfection with more tutorials and stay tuned to see more demos and tutorials with STITCH by Daniel Roldan and SalonCentric in 2017.

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